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How Drupal as a Service Can Save Our Livelihoods and our Lives

Drupal is better than ever, but whether it is more successful is questionable. A pincer threatens Drupal. One side, Drupal's own power and complexity, discourages new users and contributors.


A Drupal Contrib-First Approach

During this session, Jason will discuss his recent experience of advocating for and adopting a contrib-first approach at Nerdery.


Automated Testing, Right Now



Backdrop CMS: past and future

Backdrop CMS is now 4.5 years old. Since its first release on Jan 15th, 2015, what has changed?

jenlampton, quicksketch

Career Opportunities in Drupal: A Panel Discussion

We are convening a panel discussion of individuals that have built a career either using or working with Drupal in a variety of ways.

Tim Erickson, SueM17

Creative Constructs with Custom Config Entities

With the new configuration management system in Drupal 8, we now have the ability to create our own custom config entities.


Dealing with Mental Illness, or How I Learned to Dislike Myself Less

I’m JD and I have mental illness. I’m also not alone.


Discover CSS Grid

CSS Grid is here! Finally, we can build flexible, accessible, and dynamic layouts without all of the tricks, hacks, or complicated frameworks.


Drupal 7 is DEAD

Drupal 7 officially reaches End of Life (EOL) in November 2021. But when will it reach EFFECTIVE End of Life (EEOL)? Has it reached EEOL already?


External Design Systems in Practice

When developing a pattern library or design system that will be used in support of a Drupal project, a key decision must be made regarding where the design system should live.


Folwell Web Theme and Pattern Library

Folwell web theme and pattern library

Dimitri, hart0554

Gatsby & Drupal

Gatsby ( is a fun to use application generator for React that makes it easy to create blazing fast websites.


Good Enough: Finding the Balancing Point Between Perfect and Complete

Perfect vs good enough.

How can we decide when we're done with something? When is something good enough? When does more time spent cease to add value to our work?


Great Drupal 8 Websites Are Made Before the First Line of Code is Written

The world's greatest Agile process can't save a project that was a bad idea from the start.


How to become a distributed company: a step-by-step guide

I lead a company called TEN7 and up until the spring of 2017, we were all in on the idea that a company needed a physical space to function.


Iterative Triggers - Understanding what drives us to make changes

It's important to understand the power and value of an iterative approach to design and development.


Javascript is Coming to Eat You

Drupal is a shining star in the world of content management systems, with a remarkable 20 year history and a proven ability to power some of the world’s largest brands and websites. Wordpress has enjoyed even greater success, and now powers more than 30 percent of the entire web (and also some of...

Layout Builder in the Real World

Is the Drupal 8’s new Layout Builder UI the holy grail of editor user experience? We’ve created a new version of using Drupal 8.

mtift, wesruv

Life after Xdebug setup.

Congratulations you have successfully setup Xdebug with your IDE. Now what?

Here’s a ton of stuff! How do you find what you are looking for?


Mental Health and the Workplace: How You Can Support Your Coworkers with Mental Illness

We all know of the importance of mental health to being a productive employee, but what does that mean for people who are mentally ill?


Navigating your tech career

Every company is becoming a digital company, but as a technologist, your place in the organization can differ greatly depending on how far along the company is in their transformation journey.


Rails+React+GraphQL+Apollo: 2 years on

On a long-term, Rails and jQuery based legacy project decided to modernize it's API and front end code.


Return of the Clustering: Kubernetes for Drupal

Your ready to make that new release.


Solving the Multilingual Puzzle

Multilingual is complicated—no doubt about it.


Supporting Drupal-as-a-Service: Providing Tech Support to Drupal Devs

How do we support 500+ custom Drupal sites and 1000+ Drupal “Gardens” at the University of Minnesota? Where is the line drawn on supporting custom code?


The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Building Drupal Websites

Every developer has been there: fresh out of school, new to the field, or using a new technology. There is a lot to know to successfully build Drupal websites.


Top 5 learnings when running a project as a subcontractor

Congratulations! You’ve been hired as a subcontractor on a large website project. Now what?! What are the benefits and pitfalls when operating as subcontractor and what are the key areas you need to pay close attention to?


Understanding React.js

React.js has become one of the top players in the JavaScript libraries world. WordPress has rebuilt its WYSIWYG editor using React.


Visual Regression Testing with BackstopJS

How do you tell if a change you made to your website has unintended side effects? Security updates should rarely result in anything changing visually, but how can you be sure?


Web Accessibility 101

Accessibility basics everyone can use.