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Where to Eat

Here’s the camp meal plan:

Thursday (training classes) Meals will be on your own. We’ll provide a beverage service (coffee, tea) on site for those attending the training classes.
Friday (camp) Lunch will be provided to all registered attendees. We’ll also provide coffee all day.
Saturday (camp) Meals will be on your own. We’ll also provide coffee all day.

Nearby places to get food:

Food For Thought

The UST Food For Thought cafeteria (located in Terrence Murphy Hall just a short hallway walk from the School of Law) offers custom wraps and sandwiches, cook-to-order baskets, burritos, pizza by the slice, stir fry specials, and full salad and dessert bar.

Cafeteria hours:

Thursday: 7:30am-6:00pm
Friday: 7:30am-3:00pm
Saturday: CLOSED


There are a lot of really amazing places to eat just a short walk from campus. Here are just a few from Yelp to get you started:


Food trucks

Minneapolis’ food trucks feature a staggering variety of amazingly delicious, high-quality food. On weekdays, there are usually a few trucks parked along Nicollet Ave between 11th and 10th streets and a whole lot more parked along Marquette a few blocks further north. It’s well worth the slightly longer walk for some of these trucks!

There are several food truck map/schedule sites out there. You should surf around and check out available trucks and their menus, hours, and locations.

This site is a good starting point:

Brown bag

UST frowns mightily upon bringing food onto campus on a group level, but bringing your own lunch or snacks to eat outside is just fine. Please note that you may not bring any food into the Food For Thought cafeteria or dining room that is not purchased from the cafeteria.