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Folwell Web Theme and Pattern Library

Friday, 3:15pm - 4:00pm
Site Building
Back-end Design & Development
Front-end Design & Development
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Session Length: 
45 minutes

Folwell Web Theme and Pattern Library

Folwell web theme and pattern library

Folwell is an evolving design system made up of modular components that can be combined in numerous ways to make creative and consistent University websites.
Folwell is designed with your needs in mind. That means every unit on every campus at the University of Minnesota can use Folwell.

Pattern Library

The Pattern Library provides the code for each component in both HTML and Twig. This allows you to use the components on CMS platforms other than Drupal and makes the code available to units across all University of Minnesota campuses.

The Pattern Library is based on what's known as Atomic Design. It uses a combination of atoms and molecules to create more complex organisms.

Benefits of using Folwell
- Usability
- Saves time and money
- Accessibility
- Multi-platform
- Enhanced perception

Folwell Drupal Theme
- Combination of theme and custom modules
- Uses Paragraphs to implement Pattern Library as packaged elements
- Provides WYSIWYG plugins for Pattern Library components where possible
- Leverage Layout Builder and Pattern Library components to allow users to compose pages