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Good Enough: Finding the Balancing Point Between Perfect and Complete

Friday, 4:15pm - 5:00pm
Back-end Design & Development
Front-end Design & Development
Community Wellness
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Session Length: 
45 minutes

Good Enough: Finding the Balancing Point Between Perfect and Complete

Perfect vs good enough.

How can we decide when we're done with something? When is something good enough? When does more time spent cease to add value to our work?

By identifying some of the core values that drive us as developers, we can have a better grasp on when something we've done is good enough to be marked complete and still make you able to celebrate your accomplishment.

Perfection costs. It costs time. It costs money. In the case of community contributions, it costs lots of people access to improved functionality. There *is* a "good enough" point, where further work doesn't add any more value but costs a lot in time and money.

In this session, we'll review some of my own core values and I'll show how they impact my work and provide value to the client (whether that's an actual client or the community or one particular person I'm helping). We'll do an exercise to help you on the path to defining your own set of values so that you can have more tools to judge whether your own work is good enough to move onto something else, or if it needs a little bit more to satisfy you.

As developers, we live in a world of minutia and detail. Spending too much time on fine details can be like wandering around in the dark because we don't a way of quantifying when it's complete.

We'll strengthen the skills you use to define completeness and get you closer to stopping when your work is good enough.