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Nurturing a Productive Lifestyle

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Project Management
Community Wellness
Experience Level: 
Session Length: 
45 minutes

Do you ever reach the end of your day and wonder what you actually accomplished? Even worse - do you have weeks where you feel like you didn’t get anything done at all? This is a presentation about overcoming bad habits and learning how to get stuff done.

There's the Ivy Lee Method, 80/20 principle, and a laundry list of other lifehacks that all work... for a while. Change happens. Rather than focusing entirely on a single solution, we'll discuss how to nurture a productive lifestyle to help you roll with the punches. We'll learn how to build a plan for success that works for you and feel good about the work you do.

Key takeaway: "It is within my means to become happier and more productive by thinking differently about myself and the work that I do. As a result, I will be a calmer, more reliable person."

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

By the end of this session I will know:
- how to define a single good habit that will make the biggest difference
- what steps I can take to set myself up for success and for a habit more easily
- productivity tricks that work for others and suggestions to try them out myself