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How to give a Drupal Camp talk!

Getting Started
Community Wellness
Experience Level: 
Session Length: 
45 minutes

If you're dreaming of being a Drupal Rock Star, you gotta get in front of people! I talk to a lot of campgoers who are intimidated by the thought of presenting a talk at a camp. They share a lot of thought distortions:

"I'm not really an expert on it."

"I don't know everything about the topic."

"I've never done one of these before."

"All of the other presenters seem so knowledgeable, and everybody knows who they are!"

"I'm afraid that if I present what I do, the audience will think I'm taking a bad approach."

"I'm nervous speaking in front of people."

Well, the last one is legit, but we'll go over some tips for that. The other reasons are all in your head! What's one cool thing you worked on this year, that you're dying to show people but the last time you tried to show someone they almost fell asleep? Show it to people who are genuinely curious and excited about what you're doing!

Learning Objectives & Outcomes: 

We'll go over selecting a topic, preparing your presentation, what to expect when you're presenting, and getting over the fear of not being a Jeff Geerling or Matt Glaman. You don't have a write a book on Drupal to give a good talk.

This session is for anybody who's thought about presenting at a Drupal Camp, but keeps not doing it. Don't be nervous – you can do it!