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Keynote Speaker: Asian Penguins

members of asian penguins student group, standing with a white banner held in front of them

We're happy to announce this year's keynote speaker, the Asian Penguins! The Asian Penguins are Linux user group, made up of boys and girls, grade 6-8, and based out of a Hmong charter school in St. Paul, MN.

The students both learn Linux and repurpose old computers to give away to families in need. In the eight years since the club began, the Asian Penguins have had over 250 student members, and given away over 240 computers, helping hundreds of students and their families.

Come hear Asian Penguins Director Stu Keroff and some of the students themselves tell their story and learn how their work is helping bridge the digital divide in the metro area. The keynote is scheduled between 12pm and 1pm, Friday June 7th.